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NETCO was established in 1971 for research and development in metal matrix composites and the development of manufacturing processes for high kinetic energy penetrators.  It is now a full-time consulting firm providing consultation on manufacturing processes of metal components and failure analysis. 

NETCO specializes in metallurgy, metal failure analysis, metal accident reconstruction, and metallurgy of fasteners. 

Russell Sherman serves as Vice President and Technical Director.  He is a California registered professional engineer, and is past Chairman of the Southern California section of the Metallurgist Society and the Los Angeles chapter of ASM International.  He is a founding member and past chairman of the Independent Metallurgical Engineering Consultants of California.  He is the author of several technical papers focusing on titanium alloys and aerospace fasteners.  He holds patents on titanium heat treatment method and various fastener designs.  He was also an Instructor of Metallurgy at California State University, Long Beach.



Russell Sherman, PE

592 dryad rd / santa monica / ca 90402

tel: 310.454.2989


: Fatigue striations in aluminum at 10,000X